Brent Hatley Has Aspirations of Becoming ‘Radio Professor’

Stern Show staffer is mentoring younger coworkers

February 8, 2017
Memet's Messy Desk with Brent's Book Recommendation Memet’s Messy Desk with Brent’s Book Recommendation Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard noticed a book on Stern Show staffer Memet Walker’s messy desk Wednesday morning that seemed to be about the business of radio. After asking around he found out that Brent Hatley had been recommending it to his coworkers.

The book, entitled “Beyond Powerful Radio,” was written by a consultant and radio industry veteran named Valerie Geller who Brent has worked with. “She teaches really good, solid broadcast techniques,” Brent explained. “It’s almost like a radio cookbook … you don’t read cover to cover.”

“Is she the one who taught you how to throw the shit into the fan when you were on Bubba [the Love Sponge]’s show?” Howard asked with a laugh.

Brent said that he thought that book had great insights for the younger members on staff who haven’t been in the business for all that long. “I’d like to be a radio professor,” he told Howard.

Robin, for one, was in favor of the education he was providing. “That’s giving back. Thank you,” she said.

Howard wondered if JD Harmeyer might benefit from the book to help his speaking abilities, but his media producer was quick to point out that he wasn’t looking to do anything in radio. Instead he has aspirations of becoming a director.

“You’re in radio,” Howard plainly stated.