Mr. Skin’s 2017 Anatomy Award Winners

Check out the best skinematic achievements in film and TV from the past year

February 27, 2017
Photo: Mr. Skin

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Mr. Skin returned to the Stern Show on Monday to reveal the winners of his 18th annual Anatomy Awards. It’s been a busy year in fast-forwarding to the good parts with tons of new nude scenes added to his site.

“There’s so much content out there,” Mr. Skin told Howard. By his count, there are at least 113 television shows currently airing that feature regular nudity. “If you win Best TV Show for nudity right now, that’s saying something.”

The show to take the top TV prize in 2017 was HBO’s hit series “Westworld,” which even Mr. Skin said has more nudity than he ever could have expected.

“Before ‘Westworld’ happened, I knew there was going to be a lot of sex and nudity,” he explained. “What I didn’t anticipate was the clinical, medical nudity.” Mr. Skin questioned why producers don’t cover up the nude robot characters with a sheet in some of the show’s laboratory scenes, not that he’s complaining.

Winner of Breast Picture this year was a movie called “White Girl” starring Morgan Saylor, whom “Homeland” fans will recognize for her turn as Nicholas Brody’s daughter Dana on the Showtime series. The 2016 flick tells the story of a girl who gets involved with a drug dealer and features a scene that appears to show the main character performing fellatio –Mr. Skin is still stumped on whether a prosthetic was used during filming or if it’s the real deal.

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