Tan Mom Might Be Moving to Dallas For a New Man, But She Hasn’t Gotten ‘Chicken Soup’

“I always get what I want,” Wack Packer tells Shuli Egar

March 8, 2017
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Tan Mom could be gearing up for a major life change if her latest claim is to be believed. The infamous New Jersey mother and Wack Packer revealed that she “might be moving to Dallas” in a recent phone call to Shuli Egar.

Tan Mom, whose real name is Patricia Krentcil, explained that she recently met a man at a party and has begun dating him. The man is a “NASA stock broker, Fortune 500,” she said.

Shuli wondered if the two have hooked up yet. “Oh, chicken soup?” Tan Mom teased to the Stern Show staffer’s bewilderment (which apparently translates to “fuck” she clarified). No.

“A little bit of a kiss, that’s it,” Tan Mom admitted.

Despite the seeming lack of a long-term relationship, Patricia insisted that the mystery man is ready to move both her and her kids across the country to live with him. “Are you insane? Do you actually know who I am? I always get what I want,” she told Shuli.

On the contrary, one person who has constantly eluded Tan Mom’s grasp is Sal Governale. Despite the fact that Howard was convinced that something must have happened between the two, Sal insisted on Wednesday that he has never acted inappropriately with her. “Are you out of your fucking mind?” he questioned. “Howard, she swung a crutch at me on an airplane,” he recalled of one violent outburst.

Tan Mom has been particularly perturbed with Sal as of late after a recent trip to the studio ended in a prank that featured him pretending to cover up the fact that he was giving a blowjob to Richard Christy as she walked into their office. Hear audio of the prank below.