Video: Here’s Jeff the Drunk Battling a Bag of Taco Shells

Watch the one-armed Wack Packer take his anger out on his would-be dinner

March 8, 2017
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Taco night at Jeff the Drunk’s home turned into an awful mess, as evidenced by one of his latest Periscope streams. The Wack Packer was cooking dinner recently and attempted to open a package of taco shells, but with only one arm to do so, the task wasn’t easy.

Check out the video (below).

“He just pounded them back into corn meal,” Robin said on Wednesday’s Stern Show after seeing the footage. Jeff then called in to talk to Howard about the ordeal.

“Jeff, that’s quite a fucking performance,” Howard told him. “Foiled again by taco shells.”

Even after smashing his taco shells to pieces, it looks like Jeff still planned on eating them, pouring them out of the bag and onto a plate.