Jeff the Drunk Fumes as Shuli Egar Relives Some of His Favorite Pranks

“Don’t call me ever again on this phone!” Wack Packer screams

March 13, 2017
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Jeff the Drunk had a bone to pick with Shuli Egar Monday morning but unsurprisingly got his facts mixed up about exactly why he was upset.

The Wack Packer angrily explained that he had listened to replays of last week’s show and tried to dispute comments Shuli made, but he was quickly cut off when his argument seemingly went nowhere.

“Every Jeff story disappoints,” Howard said.

Shuli, though, was able to remember a few times the beer-drinking Wack Packer unintentionally brought the show some good laughs.

“There’s only one great Jeff story and that was when he thought the WWE hired him to do a gig and they asked him to shave his head so he could do something with Stone Cold Steve Austin,” Shuli said. “He shows up at the arena with his shaved head and his nephew and they go: ‘We have no idea who you are. We have no tickets for you.'” It turned out that someone had pranked Jeff and he was furious.

Fans of Jeff the Drunk’s Periscope are no doubt familiar with his infamous bouts of karaoke, but they may not remember another priceless and unintentional contribution to the show—when Shuli pranked Jeff by constantly interrupting his singing sessions with phone calls.

The Wack Packer went so far as to change his phone number to avoid the incessant disruptions to his performance, but made the mistake of giving Shuli the new number. Hear his hilarious outburst (below).