Steve From Florida Begs to Be Called Bobo Again – Here Are Howard’s Ideas for How He Could Win His Name Back

From burning all of his driving awards to drinking a toupee smoothie

March 13, 2017
Photo: Twitter

Steve from Florida is desperate to reclaim the name Bobo, but at what cost? On Monday’s Stern Show, Howard offered him a few options for winning back the right to go by his original name, but the superfan didn’t seem to be game for any of them.

“Listen to me, I want Bobo back,” Steve said on the phone, suggesting enough time had passed since being stripped of his beloved nickname as punishment for stealing a joke first said by Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld. “It’s been a good 90 days. It’s been a quarter.”

“I don’t know if we’re ever going to give you back the Bobo name,” Howard informed him. “After all this nonsense, do you really want the name Bobo back? Steve seems like a fresh start.”

Howard read off some of the ideas the staff came up with for how Steve could potentially earn the Bobo name back: deep throat a 12-inch dildo while singing the national anthem on air, spend the day walking around wearing a T-shirt that reads “Convicted Pedophile,” kiss High Pitch Erik for 30 seconds, publicly admit to not being a great driver, or perhaps he could convert to Islam.

“Never! I’m Roman Catholic,” Steve replied. Howard also suggested some stunts he could do with his toupee, including make a smoothie out of it and drink it or glue it to his face for the day so that he looks like a wolf man. But perhaps the punishment that prompted the biggest reaction was having Steve destroy all of his driving awards and trophies in a bonfire.

“Burning the awards would be awful,” he told Howard. Steve was unwilling to participate in anything Howard proposed and tasked the team with going back to the drawing board to come up with something better.

“We’re not going to come up with anything,” Robin told him. “We like Steve from Florida.”