Stern Files Declassified: Robin Quivers and ‘Four Inches Is Fine!’

Here’s why Howard’s cohost blurted out the now infamous sound bite

March 17, 2017
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Does size matter to Robin Quivers? If one now well-known Stern Show sound bite is any indication, “four inches is fine” for her. But … four inches of what? If your sick mind immediately assumes she’s talking about penis length, you’re mistaken.

Stern Show staffer Shuli Egar recently asked around the back office but found no one who could correctly identify the origins of this drop. Not even Robin herself could recall why she blurted out her fondness for four inches.

It all occurred on March 24, 2009, during an on-air discussion about executive producer Gary Dell’Abate’s kids watching TV shows on their tiny iPhone screens. Robin commented that, for them, “four inches is fine!” The line has lived on ever since as a fan-favorite sound drop that Fred Norris has hit countless times.

Hear the historic moment for yourself in the “Stern Files Declassified” segment (below).