‘Stern Files Declassified’ Sternthology Quiz: Week of March 20, 2016

Test your knowledge of this week's Declassified Sternthology segments

March 23, 2017

Secrets of the Stern Show past were unveiled this week on Sternthology, and you might think you heard every second of it, but how closely were you really listening? Take our Sternthology “Stern Show Declassified” trivia quiz to determine just how big of a fan you are.

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  • 1. Before Rob Zombie’s “The Great American Nightmare” became the Stern Show theme song, all of these songs held that title at some point, except for ___________.

    Photo: The Howard Stern Show
    • “I Want You to Want Me” by Cheap Trick

    • “Johnny’s Theme” by Doc Severinsen and “The Tonight Show” Band

    • “They’re Coming to Take Me Away, Ha-Haaa!” by Napoleon XIV

    • “In a Mellow Tone” by Duke Ellington

  • 2. Robin Quivers’ “4 inches is fine” sound drop was originally referring to _________.

    • Photo: iStock


    • Photo: iStock

      A smart phone screen

    • Photo: iStock

      A drinking straw

    • Photo: iStock

      A penis

  • 3. When Matthew McGrory (aka the original Bigfoot) first visited the show, he was 23 years old, 310 lbs, 7’6″ tall with a Guinness World Record foot size of _________?

    Photo: Facebook
    • 20 inches

    • 17 2/3 inches

    • 34 inches

    • 29 1/2 inches

  • 4. During Sal’s brief career in rap music, he performed under all of the following names except:

    Photo: The Howard Stern Show
    • Cool the Candy Rapper

    • The Italian Stylin’

    • The Pizza Connection

    • G-Man

  • 5. Who did Jon Hein ultimately beat out for the role of co-host of the Wrap Up Show?

    • Photo: The Howard Stern Show

      Ralph Cirella

    • Photo: The Howard Stern Show

      Jason Kaplan

    • Photo: The Howard Stern Show

      Richard Christy

    • Photo: The Howard Stern Show

      Sal Governale

  • 6. Where did Gary’s infamous 2009 Mets first pitch end up?

    Photo: The Howard Stern Show
    • High and outside at the umpire

    • Snagged by a fan two rows behind home plate

    • At Gary’s feet

    • In the visitors’ dugout

  • 7. Richard Christy’s alter ego Ethel – an elderly female voice that he uses in many of his prank calls – was inspired by ________.

    Photo: The Howard Stern Show
    • His mother

    • His childhood piano teacher

    • A Kansas woman he met while dealing with car trouble

    • Nothing in particular

  • 8. In 1991, Howard discovered that Fred Norris bought his mother a Cookie Puss cake for Mother’s Day. What other gift was later revealed to accompany the ice-cream dessert?

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    • Photo: Facebook

      Fudgie the Whale

    • Photo: iStock

      Vacuum cleaner

    • Photo: iStock


  • 9. During the week-long Stern Show visit to London in 1986, who joined Jack Bruce for a trans-Atlantic duet over the phone?

    • Photo: PRPhotos

      Joe Perry

    • Photo: PRPhotos

      Peter Frampton

    • Photo: The Howard Stern Show

      Leslie West

    • Photo: PRPhotos

      Eric Clapton

  • 10. During one of his early Stern Show appearances, Beetlejuice was asked to spell “RED” three times. Which of these was one of Beet’s answers?

    Photo: The Howard Stern Show
    • R-A-E-D-D

    • L-A-E-T-E-R-D

    • B-L-U-E

    • L-7-R-R-O-Q

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