JD Harmeyer Gifts Eugene from Kentucky with a Spoon

Fan-favorite caller receives a present from the Stern Show staffer

November 1, 2017
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Many callers phone into the Stern Show on a daily basis, but few have made an impression quite like Eugene from Kentucky who won both a Flat Ronnie and the adoration of fellow listeners on Tuesday.

A day after his debut on the airwaves, Howard got Eugene back on the phone to chat some more and discovered the call had been a long time coming.

“I didn’t think anybody wanted to talk to me,” Eugene offered in explanation of why he hadn’t phoned in before despite listening since the late ‘90s. “My son just kept saying, ‘Call him daddy!’”

Eugene also gave fans a glimpse into his life, telling Howard he comes from a long line of cattle farmers. Despite his labor intensive job, Eugene found it important to get a business degree, even if it took him 14 years to attain. “I know I don’t sound like I’m smart, but you learn a lot farming,” he said. “You develop a lot of common sense that helps, that I see in these young people today, they don’t have it.”

His hard work has paid off, too. Eugene, who said he resembles Woody Harrelson, claimed to have a “hotter than hot” wife.

In honor of his fan-favorite status, Howard decided to reward Eugene with a spoon from JD Harmeyer’s treasured collection. The Stern Show staffer sorted through some of his spoons at the office and settled on sending a superhero-themed utensil.

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Eugene was grateful for the gift. “We’ll use it at Thanksgiving dinner,” he told JD.