Robin Quivers Reveals to Howard She Regularly Stops at Parking Lots to Get Her Steps In

“Every step counts,” the Stern Show cohost says

November 7, 2017
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Countless studies have touted the health benefits attained from a regular walking regimen and Robin Quivers is taking the recommendation very seriously. On Tuesday, the Stern Show’s leading lady told Howard about her routine.

With the help of a tracking watch, Robin explained she aims for 15,000 steps (or about five miles) a day in addition to 10 flights of stairs.

Howard, meanwhile, wondered how she had time for all of the steps considering they sit in a studio for multiple hours each morning.

“I don’t do it all at once. You have to spread it out,” she explained, adding that she was only at 1,000 steps by the time she got to Tuesday’s show.

“Every step counts,” Robin continued. “Sometimes even while I’m driving—you know, I’ve got a two-hour drive back and forth—I’ll stop and walk.”

Howard was shocked by the admission and Robin simply laughed it off.

“If you see a woman wandering around the parking lot, it’s probably me,” she said.