Baseball Legend Dave Winfield Cracks Up JD Harmeyer at MLB’s Gold Glove Awards

Stern Show staffer let out his signature laugh while attending the annual ceremony

November 13, 2017
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Some of the biggest names in baseball gathered recently for the 2017 Gold Glove Awards and sitting among them were two Stern Show staffers: Gary Dell’Abate and JD Harmeyer. On Monday morning, Gary reported back to Howard about the event including how loudly JD was laughing throughout the evening even though he was surrounded by so many pro athletes.

“The table right next to us was Joe Torre, Derek Jeter, Don Mattingly, Dave Winfield, Reggie Jackson, and Ozzie Smith,” Gary told Howard.

Since JD was seated so closely, he was able to overhear a joke Dave Winfield told and let out one of his signature high-pitched hoots that he makes all the time on the air and around the back office.

“I call it his whoop,” Robin Quivers said of JD’s laugh.

While his coworkers have gotten used to the sound, SiriusXM executive Ross Zapin, who was also at the ceremony, kept elbowing Gary every time JD laughed, perplexed by why he was making that noise.

“I had some wine, I was loose, about as loose as I can be,” JD explained. “I know I laugh sometimes at odd things.”

Howard compared JD’s whoop to the sound a pigeon makes, but Fred pulled up audio of a “snowy owl” that seemed to match JD’s hoot perfectly and elicited even more laughs from him. Take a listen in the clip (below).

Not only did JD get to guffaw at Winfield’s one-liner, he also got to meet Gold Glove winner Tucker Barnhart, catcher for JD’s favorite team, the Cincinnati Reds. He captured the moment on camera and shared the pic on his Twitter. Check out his tweet (below).