High Pitch Erik Reports In After His Gastric Sleeve Surgery

“Next week, you’ll see a new, skinny me,” the Wack Packer tells Howard

November 13, 2017
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

On Friday, High Pitch Erik underwent gastric sleeve surgery in order to get his weight under control. As he waited to be discharged Monday morning he called in to the Stern Show to offer a full report on the experience.

While the operation went according to plan by all accounts, Erik admitted he did have a specific fear in the days leading up to his surgery.

“The only thing I was nervous about was that anesthesia—I hate the smell of it,” he told Howard. “The anesthesiologist called me the night before … I said, ‘Listen, I hate the smell of anesthesia. Is there a way you can change the smell of it, like a flavor … like a chocolate-smelling anesthesia?’”

No one else could ever remember smelling anesthesia, but High Pitch was adamant that it was unpleasant, as was his experience getting a needle in his hand for the IV.

Shuli Egar was at the hospital to coach Erik through the process, but nothing could calm him down once he’d been stuck—the Wack Packer screamed “ouch!” for all to hear (below).

After spending a couple hours under the knife, Erik proved none the worse and even awoke with an immediate request. “I wanted miso soup and some sushi because I was so hungry,” he admitted.

Instead he got a catheter to help him urinate and an all-liquid diet. “That was the most painful thing ever,” Erik said of the catheter, adding “it feels like when someone’s jerking you off when they take it off you.”

Nevertheless, Erik did acknowledge an almost instant change in the hours following his surgery—he felt full after ingesting only a bit of soup. “This was a new feeling for him,” Shuli explained.

With Thanksgiving approaching, Howard wondered what Erik would be eating considering he’ll still be on his liquid diet.

“I might have to get baby food, like the pureed turkey that they have,” High Pitch said.

Shuli, for one, was optimistic about Erik’s weight loss journey. “I will say, I really think he’s going to stick to this thing. I really think he’s going to pull this off,” the Stern Show staffer predicted.

Erik was even more bold with his prediction. “Next week, you’ll see a new, skinny me,” he told Howard.