Show Rundown: November 8, 2017

A caller named Julie tells Howard and Robin about her recent massage

November 8, 2017
Photo: iStock

Wednesday’s Stern Show started with a caller named Julie phoning in to tell Howard and Robin about a recent massage she received that concluded a whole lot better than she expected it to.

“I wanted to tell you about a happy ending massage that I got the other day,” she told them once on the air.

Julie booked her rubdown using an app on her phone and soon had a Russian masseur show up at her home with his folding table, ready to put his hands to work. Her appointment was an hour long but Julie told Howard towards the end, the massage slowly turned much more sensual.

After flipping over onto her back, Julie described how he worked his way towards her breasts. “He does it so slowly, it’s almost like he’s asking me with his fingers,” she said, letting Howard and Robin know she didn’t feel uncomfortable with him touching her. “I decided I wanted it so I let him continue.”

The Russian masseur caressed her nipples for what seemed like 5 to 10 minutes and Julie admitted she was overcome with pleasure. She eventually moved his hand lower — that’s when Julie says she couldn’t help but let out loud noises of pleasure that sent her cats running all over her home.

“I get pretty loud,” Julie confessed. “He’s got really good hands.”

Julie said that, while she was nude for her massage, her Russian houseguest kept all of his clothes on, though she could tell he was aroused during all of this.

Julie’s sexual free spirit doesn’t end with massages, either. She told Howard she’s been with multiple women throughout her life. “I’m bisexual. I was married for a while to a woman, actually,” Julie said.

Her first female-on-female experiences came in college, including a threesome she once had with the ex-wife of her then boyfriend. Julie detailed for Howard and Robin how she invited her Eskimo sister over to her dorm room to try on lingerie together. Julie’s boyfriend wasn’t there to join in on the fun, but the ex-wife brought along her boyfriend who videotaped the experience to show Julie’s boyfriend later as a birthday present.

“How come nobody told me you get to experiment when you’re in college?” Robin asked with a laugh after hearing Julie’s mind-blowing story.

“It’s official: you’re a lot of fun,” Howard told his caller.