JD Harmeyer Gives Engagement and Wedding Details: The Proposal, the Guest List, and a Possible Live Stream of the Ceremony

“Some people won’t be invited and they’ll be mad at me,” the Stern Show staffer reveals

March 14, 2017
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Plans for JD Harmeyer’s upcoming wedding are already underway. The staffer revealed on Tuesday’s Stern Show (not on Twitter) that he and his fiancée have talked about where they want to get married, who should be invited, and if they should broadcast the ceremony online for all the world to see.

“Maybe we should make it like ‘The Bachelor’ and put it on TV,” Howard said without knowing what was already in the works.

“Well, actually there was one thing we saw where if we send out a link … they could put it on HowardStern.com and people could watch,” JD said. “You can live stream it out.” Howard might have to do just that since JD is considering having the wedding thousands of miles away from the studio.

“Right now the plan is to do something out west,” JD said, adding that both Montana and Nevada have been discussed as possible destination wedding locations even though they have no friends or family living in either state.

“I’m imagining that the witness will be a buffalo or something,” Robin joked.

Howard was concerned about whether those invited to JD’s wedding will be able to attend since it’ll be so far away. “I don’t think you’re going to have more than 10 to 15 people there,” he told JD.

“That’s what I would prefer,” JD replied.

But who from the Stern Show will even be on the guest list? JD gave Howard his Top 5 list of which coworkers can expect an invitation: Ronnie Mund, Jon Hein, Richard Christy, and most likely Will Murray and Jason Kaplan.

“I’m sure some people won’t be invited and they’ll be mad at me, possibly, but what am I going to do?” JD said.

Ronnie probably secured the top spot on JD’s guest list due to how instrumental he was in JD’s proposal, even driving him to Philadelphia in order to pick out a Steven Singer engagement ring. “He drove me there and we looked at rings and I got his advice on a couple of them,” JD told Howard. While Ronnie and JD both enjoy each other’s company, neither is much of a conversationalist and their car ride down was said to include “long periods of silence.”

JD also revealed he would have liked his proposal to have been more of a spectacle, but he knew his girlfriend would have figured it out had he tried to plan something special. “She knows I don’t go anywhere but work and home, pretty much, so if I told her, ‘Hey meet me at Central Park for something,’ she would have known something was up,” JD said.

Instead, he decided to pop the question to the love of his life while they were at home, almost immediately after the engagement ring arrived.

Stay tuned to HowardStern.com for more JD wedding details and possibly a live stream of his nuptials!