Show Rundown: March 6, 2017

Lance Armstrong sits down with Howard and Wendy the Slow Adult gets her tribute

March 6, 2017

Good Morning Everybody!

Monday morning’s show opened with Howard discussing none other than David Letterman, whom he was reading about in the New York Daily News. “Anything Letterman, I’ll read,” he said. The late night legend is still sporting a full beard and has gone into “full Santa Claus mode” in Howard’s words.

A caller named Mike got through early and wanted to get Howard’s thoughts on Rolling Stone’s list of the “50 Best Stand-Up Comics of All Time.” The list, like their “Saturday Night Live” cast member rankings, did not come without controversy—Howard and Robin disagreed about the top-rated comic, Richard Pryor.

Howard argued that, while Pryor was iconic, he was not number one when it came to dishing out “hard laughs.” Robin, meanwhile, was adamant that she saw the famed comic perform live and people fell out of their seats laughing so hard.

“I don’t know … How do you rate anyone?” Howard questioned, concluding that the whole thing is so subjective anyways.

With that, “Arnold Schwarzenegger” chimed in to announce the day’s guest: Lance Armstrong! Before Lance came in, though, Howard promised to give Wendy the Slow Adult her full due with a tribute to her 15 years with the Stern Show, but not before reacting to some feedback from the listeners.

Benjy Bronk’s now-infamous dick pics are still receiving a ton of comments, so the staff took them to a gay bar to see what real live people thought about the photos. “It just looks disproportionate,” one man said. “I wouldn’t want it anywhere near me,” another added. “It’s a mess,” a third summed up.

In the wake of contemplating whether or not he should go through with a MMF threesome, Memet Walker, meanwhile, has upped the ante and is allegedly responding to even more lurid offers from online strangers. “Things are moving really fast,” he told Howard. “My head is spinning.”

Needless to say, Ronnie “the Limo Driver” Mund tried to talk some sense into the younger staffer, but seemed to get nowhere with his pleas.