Bigfoot Game: What Would the Wack Packer Do for $100?

Shuli Egar gives us a Bigfoot update, plus a caller tries guessing what the Wack Packer would do for cash

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Listeners were treated to a Bigfoot update, with Howard playing clips from a recent phone call between the Wack Packer and Stern Show staffer Shuli Egar.

In addition to learning about Bigfoot's health issues, including gastritis flare-ups and lots of burping, the Wack Packer also expressed frustration over squatters in his home and being unable to check into the Brattleboro Retreat. Listen to the conversation (below):

Later, Shuli wondered what precisely the Wack Packer would do for $100.

This paved the way for a caller to play the Bigfoot Game, which consisted of trying to guess whether or not Bigfoot would do the gross things Shuli suggested in exchange for some cash.

Play along (below).