'Wait a Minute, Who Is This?': A Hank Azaria ‘Simpsons’ Quiz

See how well you know the voice actor’s staggering body of work on the award-winning animated comedy

Hank Azaria, Monday's Stern Show guest and star of the new IFC series "Brockmire," would have a legendary career even if you just counted his voice work, most notably on "The Simpsons." The long-running animated sitcom is now on its 27th season and Hank has been a huge part of it since the beginning, voicing hundreds of characters over the years and winning multiple Emmys for his work. In fact, Hank has voiced so many "Simpsons" characters, it's hard to figure out which characters he hasn't performed!

Test your knowledge of Hank's vocal range in our quiz, and pick the character who is NOT voiced by the first-time Stern Show guest.