Ronnie Mund Denies Following Anyone X-Rated on Twitter but His Co-Workers Prove Otherwise

Stern Show staffer is stumped how so many porn sites are showing up in his feed

January 16, 2018
Ronnie Mund and Gary Dell'Abate faced off on Tuesday's Stern Show Ronnie Mund and Gary Dell’Abate faced off on Tuesday’s Stern Show Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Ronnie “the Limo Driver” Mund can deny it all he wants but, as his Twitter feed proved on Tuesday, he’s definitely following porn stars and porn sites on social media. The Stern Show staffer was questioned about his Twitter account and why there’s always so much adult content on it. Ronnie told Howard he had no idea why any of these X-rated videos pop up whenever he logs on.

“I don’t even follow them. They must follow me,” Ronnie supposed. But when his back office co-workers took a look at who he was following on Twitter, they found a long list of NSFW accounts: adult film stars, cam girls, even a non-English porn site.

“How do you not know what you follow?” Howard asked with a laugh. “Do you know how to work Twitter?”

Of course he did, Ronnie declared. Perhaps it’s just been such a long time since he initially followed these accounts that he’s forgotten.

Reading over the dozens and dozens of Twitter handles Ronnie follows, Howard wondered if there was even anything he’d consider to be too obscene.

“Nothing shocks me. Nothing,” Ronnie admitted.

Maybe Stern Show executive producer Gary Dell’Abate will try to work in some porn talk the next time he tries to make conversation with Ronnie since it seems he isn’t interested in talking about much else. Gary told Howard how he recently asked Ronnie about his dog which led to Ronnie angrily correcting him that it was his fiancée’s dog, not his.

“I was actually trying to make a conversation with him,” Gary said.

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

But Ronnie shot back that Gary hardly ever tries to exchange pleasantries with him or anyone else at work for that matter. “You walk past people like they’re dead,” Ronnie said.

Robin Quivers revealed even she’s gotten a similar cold shoulder from Mr. Dell’Abate in the past. “Gary is single focused and there are times I’ve spoken to Gary and he walks right by me,” she told Howard.

“The real Gary is he talks to you when he feels like it,” Ronnie added. “He’s running to the bathroom, he’s running to the bagels, running to … find chocolate somewhere.”

Ronnie then spilled how Gary continues to make multiple trips to the bagel table in the morning, slicing off a small piece of a bagel each time rather than just taking one back to his desk.

With a smile, Gary responded: “Guilty.”