Show Rundown: January 16, 2018

Howard searches for a new deodorant, plus Ronnie Mund's Twitter account comes under review

January 16, 2018

Good Morning Everybody!

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After reading an article about natural deodorant brands, Howard told listeners that he has been on the hunt for one that doesn’t use aluminum to cut down on body odor as some people believe the ingredient may cause ill health effects.

After ordering one to try it out, Howard said he discovered the aluminum-free deodorant worked fine for a day but wore off completely by the second day as a foul odor emitted from his armpits.. “I really am an animal. I thought I was evolved. That’s what we’re supposed to smell like,” Howard said.

Needless to say, he immediately returned to his normal deodorant.

Stern Show staffer Jason Kaplan shed additional light on the matter, informing Howard that he heard the natural deodorants work for a couple of days before dropping off and you need to wait a month before it begins to work again. Yet, both he and Howard agreed they couldn’t wait a month.