Jason Kaplan Combines Doritos and Taco Ingredients While Golfing

Stern Show staffer tells Howard how he eats two snacks out of one bag

March 13, 2018
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

A new way to snack on the go was recently brought to Stern Show staffer Jason Kaplan’s attention. On Tuesday, he told Howard how he took a bag of Doritos and filled it with everything you’d find on a taco, creating a portable yet hearty meal. So easy to eat, in fact, that Jason was able to enjoy it while golfing.

“I did 18 holes, I didn’t break a fucking sweat,” he told Howard.

For any hungry readers who wish to try Jason’s nacho chip concoction, he recommends crushing the Doritos a bit before pouring in the meat, sour cream, cheese, and other toppings of your choice. He also explained it’s best to eat the snack with a fork rather than with your hands since it’s so messy.

“It’s awesome,” Jason added, admitting he ended up having two tacos in a bag while hitting the links.