AUDIO: Howard’s Snoring Strikes Again and Beth Stern Records It All

“At the end, I have like a capper … it’s like a pig,” Howard says with a laugh on Monday’s Stern Show

March 26, 2018
Photo: iStock

Howard was down in Florida for some R&R last week but unfortunately for Beth Stern there wasn’t much rest to be had. That’s because Howard’s snoring returned in full force while the two were away and it kept his wife up for most of the night.

“Poor Beth. My snoring is out of control,” Howard admitted on Monday’s Stern Show, saying there were only two nights out of the entire week that he didn’t snore.

Beth recorded Howard’s latest late-night noises on her iPhone and gave Howard the tape to play on the air. Check out the audio (below).

“Who could sleep next to me?” Howard said while listening to the recording on Monday morning.

“A deaf person,” co-host Robin Quivers joked.

But as loud as Howard’s snores were, he warned Robin that it gets truly bad towards the end of the tape. “At the end, I have like a capper … it’s like a pig,” he said with a laugh.

Robin recommended Beth might want to start wearing ear plugs at night but Howard doubted those will help since his wife has no problem sleeping beside him while he’s watching television. It seems to just be his snoring that keeps her wide awake.

“Poor Beth. Such an angel,” Howard said of his sweet love.

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