Show Rundown: April 17, 2018

Howard reflects on the role of radio disc jockeys in the music industry

April 17, 2018

Good Morning Everybody!

Upon getting a chance to fully reflect on his experience in Cleveland inducting Bon Jovi into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, Howard said Tuesday that he realized it didn’t only represent a celebration of the band, but also a recognition of the role radio disc jockeys play in supporting musicians.

After receiving praise on his speech from prior radio colleagues, Howard told Robin it dawned on him that few professionals in the radio business receive an honor such as the one Jon Bon Jovi bestowed upon him by asking him to induct the band.

“Radio guys are the guys who do play these records and really talk them up and market them for record companies … and for many years it was my job to play these records on the radio,” he explained.

The full gravity of Jon’s announcement that Howard was his “first and only choice” really set in after the fact. “I feel good as a radio guy to have been asked to do this,” Howard said.

Before he could reflect any further, Robin sought to make a point of the experience. “Guess what, Howard?” she said. “You couldn’t have had that happen if you didn’t go.”