Show Rundown: May 23, 2018

Booey 100 returns for Memorial Day

May 23, 2018

Good Morning Everybody!

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard reminded listeners that Howard 100 will once again turn into Booey 100 this coming Memorial Day to feature the Stern Show’s extensive collection of Baba Booey parody songs.

This time, SiriusXM hosts like Spyder Harrison, Madison from Lithium, and even Jenny McCarthy will be joining fans in celebrating their favorite tunes.

The Baba Booey song craze originated on July 26, 1990 — the same day Stern Show Executive Producer Gary Dell’Abate mistakenly referred to a “Quick Draw McGraw” character as “Baba Booey” instead of the correct “Baba Looey.” Hear Howard craft the original parody song (below).

From that day forward, fans of the show have sent in their own catchy renditions of famous songs transformed by the phlegmy coughs and unforgettable drops of Gary “Baba Booey” Dell’Abate.

In honor of the return of Booey 100, song parody masters Eli Braden, Psych, Little Mikey, James Cargill, Sal Governale, and Richard Christy joined together in a supergroup to create a brand new Baba Booey song entitled “Baba O’Booey” (to the tune of the Who’s “Baba O’Riley”). Hear it exclusively on Booey 100 this Memorial Day!