Show Rundown: June 13, 2018

Howard teases results from the staff lie detector test

June 13, 2018

Good Morning Everybody!

Several Stern Show staffers recently took a lie detector test to determine if, like Ronnie the Limo Driver, they have done or intend to do butt stuff in the bedroom. On Wednesday, Howard teased the results of the testing with a few stats.

One by one, Howard, Jason Kaplan, Jon Hein, Gary Dell’Abate, Fred Norris, Chris Wilding, Steve Nowicki, Sal Governale, Richard Christy, Memet Walker, Will Murray, Benjy Bronk, Shuli Egar, and JD Harmeyer were asked seven questions by lie detection expert Ed Torian.

“14 people took the test … three staffers lied on every single question,” Jason told Howard after getting a sneak peek at Ed’s findings. Alternatively, he revealed four staffers told the truth on every question.

Jason Kaplan Jason Kaplan Photo: The Howard Stern Show

“What does that mean, Ronnie?” Howard asked.

“What does it mean? They took it in the ass!” the 68-year-old limo driver gleefully declared.

As previously reported, multiple staffers stumbled on the initial test question which simply sought to confirm their names. And things didn’t get any easier from there.

Even Ed encountered his share of difficulties, as Howard told listeners the lie detection expert had trouble asking one specific question which read: “Have you ever had an inanimate object in your anal cavity for sexual pleasure?”

Ed was unable to correctly pronounce the word “inanimate,” causing some serious flubs.

“He asked me, ‘Have you ever had an anal in your animal cavity?'” Benjy recalled with a laugh.

Hear a montage of Ed attempting to say “inanimate” (below).

The official results of the lie detector tests will be revealed on Tuesday, but as the big day looms closer it seems certain staffers are already making excuses.

Along with Fred Norris, who didn’t want to take the test from the onset, Gary and Will have reportedly been in an uproar over the potential outcome.

Will Murray Will Murray Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Ronnie had a theory about the latter staffer. “Will gets so drunk, anything is possible,” he said.

While Will denied ever having anything inserted into his “anal cavity,” whether drunk or sober, he did cop to once letting a college friend eat a marshmallow out of his butt cheeks.

Tune in Tuesday on Howard 100 for the full lie detector tests results along with even more revelations.