Robin Quivers Gets an Early Birthday Present From Howard

“You know what I want even when I don’t know I want it,” the Stern Show co-host gushes about her gift on Tuesday

August 7, 2018
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Getting the perfect gift for someone you love can be a challenge but not for Howard Stern. He bought Stern Show co-host Robin Quivers an early birthday present and as is usually the case, she was simply stunned by how thoughtful the gift was.

“You know what I want even when I don’t know I want it,” Robin said on Tuesday morning. “You keep topping yourself.”

For her birthday, which officially takes place on Wednesday, Howard wanted to give Robin something to go along with the tree he had planted in her yard last year around Christmas. “My wife and I sat down and we were like, ‘What can we get her now?’” Howard explained.

At first, Howard and his wife Beth Stern wanted to get Robin a hammock to hang under the tree, but after discussing the idea with her longtime assistant Captain Dennis, they learned Robin already has a hammock and hardly ever uses it. So instead, Robin received wooden benches to place by the tree along with two carved wooden cats that look nearly identical to Robin’s real-life cats.

“They’re amazing!” Robin told Howard. “So now I can sit under my tree and look at my cat statue.”

There’s no doubt she’ll also be able to hear the enormous wind chimes Howard bought for her birthday last year while she sits outside on her new benches.