Angry Alice Is Still Angry and Now So Is Wendy the Slow Adult

Alice may be known for saying “arrivederci,” but it’s Wendy threatening to say goodbye to the Wack Pack

August 14, 2018
Angry Alice Angry Alice Photo: The Howard Stern Show

If Shuli Egar’s latest report is any indication, longtime Wack Packer Angry Alice is still very much angry.

The Stern Show staffer caught up with Alice recently to see how things were going and got an earful from the outset when her phone began interrupting their conversation with bizarre noises. Hear it (below).

“Even her phone is angry,” Howard joked.

Alice also told Shuli she has been feuding with her downstairs neighbor for four years with no end in sight. “He makes noise after midnight,” she explained. “I use my Yankees bat and I bust the floor with that thing.”

Alice’s neighbor isn’t the only one getting on her nerves, either. Jeff the Drunk reportedly called her an unkind name one time and she hasn’t forgiven him for it. In fact, she told Shuli she’s certain she could beat Jeff up, too.

Jeff the Drunk Jeff the Drunk Photo: The Howard Stern Show

“I would tear his face off because he can’t fight because he got a dead arm,” she said. “How he gonna swing at me when I got two arms?”

Wendy the Slow Adult, meanwhile, was also upset and left a message for Howard Monday afternoon explaining why.

“It comes down to money, really, always,” Shuli summed up.

Wendy the Slow Adult Wendy the Slow Adult Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Wendy went so far as to threaten to quit the Wack Pack and make her “own goddamn money.” She also unfriended the Stern Show staff on Facebook.

“In all transparency, this is her 200th retirement from the show,” Howard pointed out, though.