Yucko the Clown Calls In to Talk ‘Paradise PD’

The frequent caller and foul-mouthed entertainer has a new show on Netflix

September 4, 2018

Frequent caller and noted insult comedian Yucko the Clown phoned in to the Stern Show Tuesday morning to catch up with Howard and give him an update on his latest project, an animated series called “Paradise PD,” which is now streaming on Netflix.

The show follows his previous cartoon sitcom “Brickleberry,” which ran for three seasons on Comedy Central. Both shows were co-created by Yucko and Waco O’Guin. Stern Show veteran Rachel Butera also lends her voice to “Paradise PD.”


“It’s basically ‘Brickleberry,’ but cops now,” Yucko said of his new show. “Really funny shit.”

The fans seem to agree. “’Paradise PD’ is hysterical,” longtime caller Balls praised over the phone.

All 10 episodes of “Paradise PD” are now available to stream on Netflix. Check it out here.

Photo: Netflix