Show Rundown: September 5, 2018

Howard and Robin prepare for the arrival of Paul McCartney

September 5, 2018

Good Morning Everybody!

The big day finally arrived for Paul McCartney to join Howard in the Stern Show studio once again on Wednesday. With such an iconic and expansive career to cover, Howard said he would inevitably only have time for a fraction of his questions.

With Paul’s first solo album alone, Howard figured he had hours of questions. “I’ll do my best, but it’s too mind-blowing,” he said, joking it is all too easy to act like Chris Farley’s character in the classic “Saturday Night Live” sketch where he interviews the legendary Beatle.

In preparation of the big day, Howard explained he kept a pad of paper next to his bed and would frequently be awoken over the course of the past few weeks with even more questions for the music icon.

Robin Quivers was also excited. She told Howard she had recently seen Paul in concert and was amazed by how much he seemed to still enjoy being on stage.