VIDEO: Tan Mom Sings Live, Sets Off a Metal Detector, and Meets ‘Shuli Mom’

Bronzed beauty visits the Stern Show with music producer Adam Barta before her big move to Florida

September 19, 2018

The Tri-State area is about to be just a bit paler as the one and only Tan Mom prepares to relocate to sunny Florida at the end of the month. But before heading south she stopped by the Stern Show on Wednesday morning to say a fond farewell to Howard and Robin.

Joining Tan Mom in the studio was music producer Adam Barta who is working with her on a new dance album. On a suggestion from their record company, Adam and Tan Mom decided to create something similar to what Yoko Ono does – experimental songs that allow the Wack Packer to speak whatever’s on her mind.

“She’s just gonna kind of freestyle on the microphone,” Adam told Howard.

Adam Barta and Tan Mom Adam Barta and Tan Mom Photo: The Howard Stern Show

When she arrives in Florida, Tan Mom will even be shooting a high-budget music video. She performed the first single off the album “Free 2 Be Me” live in the Stern Show studio on Wednesday, though it took a couple tries for Tan Mom to get the lyrics straight.

“I’m just a little nervous,” she admitted.

Aside from her music career, Tan Mom isn’t quite sure what she wants to do once in Florida. She told Howard she wants to retire but also work as a buyer for a clothing store.

“I want to be like what normal people do,” she explained.

She also told everyone she’s looking forward to gardening and Howard asked what she hopes to grow down there. “There’s oranges. Maybe lemons?” Tan Mom replied. “I love gardening.”

Since he does such a good impression of her, Shuli Egar also came into the studio as “Shuli Mom” and talked to the real Wack Packer about her outfit. Tan Mom revealed not only wasn’t she wearing any underwear this morning, she rarely wears underwear ever.

“I don’t wear any of those things,” she told Howard. “It’s all ready to go.”

One accessory Tan Mom can’t take off, however, is the metal plate she has inside of her skull. Howard wondered if the implant sets off metal detectors when she goes to the airport. To put it to the test, head of Stern Show security Ronnie Mund attempted to wave his metal-detecting wand over her head. Sure enough, the device beeped.

After another memorable visit to the Stern Show, some were sad to think Tan Mom wouldn’t be around as much anymore. “I don’t feel good about not having Tan Mom around,” Robin said on the air. But rest assured, Tan Mom fans – she insisted she’s only a short plane ride away and will be back soon.

Safe travels, Tan Mom!