Show Rundown: September September 26, 2018

Is JD Harmeyer's mumbling getting better or worse?

September 26, 2018

Good Morning Everybody!

Has JD Harmeyer’s signature mumbling gotten progressively worse over the years? That’s the question a caller posed to Howard Wednesday morning after hearing some old tape on Sternthology recently.

While Howard admitted he had assumed the stammering was getting better with age, he checked in with JD to see if the staffer himself noticed a regression in his speaking abilities.

“I’m probably more … I think about things more,” JD tried to explain. “I’m thinking about what other people are hearing and stuff and that’s what I worry about.”

“Sometimes what I want to say, I don’t want to say actually,” he continued.

After some questioning, Howard deduced JD was perhaps contemplating the implications of his words because he regrets oversharing on air in the past.

In that case, Robin wondered what stories the show was missing out on. “What are we missing, Howard, if he’s now stopping himself from saying things?” she asked. “Things want to leap out of his mouth that he’s done and he’s now trying to keep them secret.”

“You are hearing my thought processes, which aren’t exactly clear,” JD offered.