Show Rundown: October 16, 2018

Howard gets a call from a fan in Germany

October 16, 2018

A fan from halfway around the world called into the Stern Show on Tuesday morning. Steven in Germany told Howard he’s been catching up on past Stern Show episodes by listening online, though he’s still about a decade behind and just started enjoying clips from 2008.

“Believe it or not, in 10 years when you catch up to us, you’re going to find out JD gets married,” Howard joked.

Steven might not know anything that’s happened recently on the Stern Show, but he did tell Howard who his favorite Wack Packer was. “High Pitch Erik is always great. I think the segments with High Pitch Erik are my favorite,” Stephen said, though he admitted he’s never liked Eric the Actor.

“A lot of Germans do love High Pitch,” Howard said with a laugh.

As a fluent German speaker, Howard asked Steven to translate the lyrics of the ’80s pop classic “99 Luftballons” by Nena. Steven had no problem recognizing what the song’s opening line was and also gave Howard an update on the singer’s whereabouts – Nena became a judge on the German version of “The Voice.”

As for what Steven does for work, he told Howard he works for a security firm in charge of protecting a military base. “Yes, I run around with a gun,” he said, telling Howard he’s never had to fire his weapon, though. Steven’s British co-worker is the only other fellow Stern Show fan he knows but Howard is hoping that soon changes.

“It’s kind of cool you’re listening to us in Germany. Spread the word. I mean, I’ll be very big over there,” Howard told him.