Show Rundown: October 15, 2018

Jimmy Kimmel and his wife Molly McNearney pop in the studio with Howard to kick off the show

October 15, 2018

Good Morning Everybody!

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

On Monday, Howard got a visit from his good friend Jimmy Kimmel, who is back in Brooklyn shooting his late-night talk show this week.

While he refrained from asking Howard to make an appearance this time around, Jimmy admitted he was a little disappointed by the absence of one Stern Show figure in his audience— Mariann from Brooklyn.

Mariann had reportedly gotten in touch with Jimmy’s executive producer to obtain tickets for the Wack Pack and Jimmy said he was prepared to give them V.I.P. treatment. “Mariann then finds out you’re not on the show this week and says, ‘We don’t want to come,'” he told Howard, though.

While in studio, Jimmy also discussed his fascination with Ronnie Mund. “He’s our modern-day Dr. Ruth,” he said, referencing the 68-year-old’s sex tips and pegging revelations.

Jimmy’s wife Molly McNearney joined him on air and also attested to her husband’s affinity for Howard’s limo driver. “Jimmy’s face around Ronnie makes me the happiest. He loves him,” she said.

“I’m more excited to see JD,” Molly admitted. “I love JD. He’s wonderful.”

And while Molly said she and JD even direct message occasionally, she did have one gripe about interacting with the staffer in person. “He does have a terrible handshake … It’s like you can feel how many times he’s jerked off when you hold his hand,” she joked.

JD’s masturbation habits weren’t the only ones discussed Monday morning, either.

Howard was shocked to learn that Molly had caught Jimmy in the act more than once over the course of the 10 years they’ve been together.

“I could tell he was very embarrassed and I didn’t want him to feel bad,” she said of the latest episode. “In fairness he did think I was asleep. And I would rather him do that than try to wake me up.”

“That’s what I knew,” Jimmy said with a laugh.