VIDEO: Howard Gifts Jimmy Kimmel With His Old Thong During Their Last Late-Night Sit-Down

Watch Howard’s full “Jimmy Kimmel Live” appearance here

October 19, 2017

Howard had a garbage bag in hand as he walked out onto the “Jimmy Kimmel Live” stage on Wednesday night. The contents inside weren’t trash but rather a gift for his good friend Jimmy.

“I’m watching the show last night, you’re fawning over Dave,” Howard joked to Jimmy, referring to his Tuesday night guest David Letterman. When the former “Late Show” host retired in 2015, he reportedly sent all of his old neckties to Kimmel.

“That’s why I brought out this bag. This is all of my dirty laundry,” Howard continued as he dumped his dirty unmentionables all over Jimmy’s desk, including an embroidered thong.

“Oh, ‘I heart Howard,’” Jimmy said while reading the writing on the thong. Check out Howard’s full appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” in the video (above).

Howard and Jimmy then joked a bit about vacationing together, including their recent adventure blackberry picking with one another. And just as she’d promised, superfan Mariann from Brooklyn was in the audience along with Wack Packers High Pitch Erik, Jeff the Drunk, Medicated Pete, and Fred the Elephant Boy.

They weren’t the only Stern Show enthusiasts there to see Howard, however. Jimmy sent a camera outside before the show started to see how long it would take before someone yelled out “Baba Booey” while waiting in line to enter the auditorium. Turns out, not long at all.

Check out the video (below).

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