VIDEO: Watch Jeff the Drunk Fall Down an Escalator After ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’

Plus, hear Medicated Pete warm up the audience with another performance of “Purple Rain”

October 23, 2017

The Wack Pack was out in full force for Howard’s appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” last week. And while the cameras panned to the likes of Mariann from Brooklyn, High Pitch Erik, and Fred the Elephant Boy throughout the course of the night, it was Albany native Jeff the Drunk who reportedly stole the show after Howard finished taping.

The Wack Packer was videotaped by a fan taking a fall on an escalator as a security guard assisted him (above).

“I just thought I was going to fall, and sure enough I did,” Jeff told Howard on Monday.

As the video might suggest, Jeff also admitted that he had ingested a weed edible that day.

“It was the slowest fall ever,” Howard joked, suggesting that Jeff might have thought the situation through too much resulting in the misstep.

“That was the first time I ever fell at the escalator,” Jeff maintained.

Jeff wasn’t the only star of the show, though. Medicated Pete had a more glamorous moment on camera before the taping when he volunteered to go onstage and sing a cover of “Purple Rain” once again. As fans will recall, the Prince classic is a favorite of Pete’s and he has broken into it on numerous occasions.

This time, Pete was accompanied by Paul Shaffer, who was in the midst of a mini-residency with Kimmel, as well as the full band. Watch footage of the moment (below).