Gary Dell’Abate Caught Raiding the Office Candy Box: ‘I Have an Illness’

The Stern Show's executive producer gets called out for taking more than his fair share of office treats

November 14, 2018

Gary Dell’Abate was once again called out for taking more than his fair share of the office treats on Wednesday. This time, his co-workers told Howard his executive producer couldn’t stay away from a box of candy.

“Some of the people in the back office had out a cardboard box filled with leftover Halloween candy and Gary didn’t know about it for days,” Jason Kaplan explained. “Then he discovered it.”

Per reports from various sources, Gary made at least three trips to the box in one hour after realizing its contents. “The first time he went up he had an empty cup, an empty coffee cup, and he filled it with chocolate bars,” Chris Wilding described.

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

When Gary returned the following day for more, he was told by a staffer sitting nearby that there was no more chocolate in the box. Instead of walking away, Gary reportedly took it as a challenge. “He rooted around in that box like a bear and found chocolate,” Jason told Howard.

“I turned the box on its side and I moved my hand through it like I was panning for gold,” Gary admitted with a laugh. “I have an illness.”

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Sal Governale shared something Gary recently admitted to him that made his candy addiction seem tame. Supposedly there are times when Gary’s chocolate craving is so strong he’ll purchase a tub of frosting, take it home, and eat it directly out of the container.

Howard wondered if there was anything that could stop Gary from gorging on sweets.

“Yeah, if it tasted like shit,” Gary replied.