VIDEO: Sal Governale Sings Some Billy Joel While Singing the Praises of His Horse ‘Sal the Turtle’

Stern Show staffer gets interviewed on TV while at Saratoga Race Course

November 14, 2018

The Stern Show’s own Sal Governale headed north to Saratoga Race Course recently to watch the horse he had a part in naming run the famed Upstate New York track. But before the horse Sal the Turtle (named after something the staffer said on air while under hypnosis) was in the gate and ready to run, a reporter grabbed the two-legged Sal for an on-camera interview.

“He just starts saying words and they don’t mean anything,” Gary Dell’Abate said with a laugh. He selected this clip to play on Wednesday’s special Stern Show, devoted to cleaning out the computer and playing previously unheard material. According to Gary, Sal tends to ramble on whenever he’s being interviewed outside of work, something he called Sal’s “stockbroker mode.”

“He just talks for the sake of talking,” Gary continued.

Howard agreed after hearing the clip, in which Sal explains why his horse is so special. “Some people bet on names, some people bet on numbers, we bet on love and Sal the Turtle is all about love,” Governale said on camera.

The interviewer then brought up Sal crooning like Bing Crosby during his visit to Del Mar Racetrack in California earlier this year and asked if he’d sing a little of Billy Joel’s song “New York State of Mind,” now that he was back on the East Coast. Sal, of course, obliged and even grabbed her handheld mic to truly belt out the tune.

As his segment came to a close, Sal then began thanking several people: the New York Racing Association, Sal the Turtle’s trainer, and even the physically attractive the cameraman filming the interview.

“It’s not the Oscars,” Howard told his staffer.

“It makes me cringe, I’m not gonna lie,” Sal admitted.