Show Rundown: December 5, 2018

Tan Mom and Adam Barta's “Free 2 Be Me” music video makes its worldwide exclusive debut on the SiriusXM app

December 5, 2018

Good Morning Everybody!

Howard kicked off Wednesday’s show with exciting news for music fans and Wack Pack devotees alike: Tan Mom’s “Free 2 Be Me” music video featuring Adam Barta had made its worldwide exclusive debut on the SiriusXM app.

“Oh my goodness,” co-host Robin Quivers exclaimed, eager to watch.

Howard pressed play and watched the video in studio with Robin scene by scene. “There is a story here,” Howard said. “I just haven’t figured it out yet.”

Staffer and veteran Tan Mom impersonator Shuli Egar joined the discussion, hoping to shed light on the production with stories from the set. He said Tan Mom only got an hour of sleep before the big shoot which wound up lasting 15 hours. He further revealed the Wack Packer nearly destroyed a $20,000 camera with her spray-tanning gun.

Shuli brought along a copy of the song’s lyrics, too, but couldn’t vouch for their accuracy. “Adam transcribed these and he put the whole song together—he’s not even sure of the lyrics,” Shuli said with a laugh.

Check out the complete lyric sheet (below).

“Free 2 Be Me”

Music by: ElectropointLyrics by: Patricia Marie and Adam Barta

She’s backOne more time – I never left

She’s backOne more time – Jiminy Cricket!


Tan Mom (x7)

It’s Patricia!

She’s free to be, Patricia Marie You see, you seeAir Jetsons fly machines!

She’s free to be, Patricia Marie You see, you see

Judy Jetson there?

Verse 1

No!All I want is the truth to be let out

Can’t you see what I’ve given out?

You don’t see what I’ve been through

Well here’s a little message to you

No-no-no matter what you sayI am the best either wayTan or whiteWe just are, just wackBut I am not a part of the Wack Pack!

Chorus repeat

Verse 2

B-b-b-b-bitches! B-b-b-bring it on!

So what you gonna do?You gonna walk a mile in my shoes? My name is Patricia Marie

It’s NOT Tan Mom (x 4)

It’s Patricia

I can do what I want

Take off my clothes? Which I wouldn’t do! Which I wouldn’t do!

Chorus repeat


No! All I wishIs someone to realize

How much I amAnd not just tan-wiseI am the biggest person

You’ll ever meet

It’s NOT Tan Mom (x 4)

New life!

Tan Mom

Do you understand what that means?

Tan Mom

That means walking away

Tan Mom

It’s not Tan Mom … it’s Patricia! B-b-bitchesBe free!

Chorus repeat

It’s Patricia!