VIDEO: Howard Revisits Benjy Bronk Crashing a Port Authority Meeting to Deliver the Speech From ‘Footloose’

Stern Show staffer recites Kevin Bacon's entire climactic monologue instead of talking about toll fare hikes

August 15, 2018

Howard turned back the clock on Monday’s Stern Show, after playing clips from city council meetings gone awry, and revisited the time staffer Benjy Bronk memorably crashed a Port Authority meeting to recite Kevin Bacon’s climactic speech from the 1984 film “Footloose.”

While the Port Authority had evidently convened to discuss toll hikes, Benjy had another pressing thought to discuss: the people’s God-given right to dance.

“The good news is [they] voted and said Benjy was allowed to dance,” Howard joked on Monday’s show. “And Benjy could use some dancing, trust me.”

Much to Howard and co-host Robin Quivers’ surprise, no one from the Port Authority intervened to cut Benjy’s impassioned but off-topic monologue short. After finishing he even received an “amen” from someone else in attendance.

“This is proof that no one listens at these meetings because this has nothing to do with toll hikes,” Howard explained. “They don’t even shut Benjy down.”

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