VIDEO: Comedic Duo ‘Chad Kroeger’ and ‘J.T. Parr’ Take Up a New Cause at a City Council Meeting

This time, the viral pair speaks out in defense of electric scooter rentals

September 17, 2018

After defending house parties in Los Angeles and proposing a statue of Paul Walker in San Clemente, comedic duo “Chad Kroeger” (Tom Allen) and “J.T. Parr” (John Parr) returned to the city council circuit recently to advocate for a new cause: an electric scooter rental service called Bird.

“They’re like a less gross version of Richard and Sal,” Howard praised on Monday as he played clips of their latest speech at a West Hollywood, Calif., city council meeting.

In the video, Chad kicks things off explaining he is an “activist and scooter devotee.”

“I stand before you here today because word has spread that you guys are considering giving Bird scooters the heave-ho,” he continues.

Watch the full video (above) and see more from the duo here.