Show Rundown: February 26, 2019

Howard contemplates the most and least interesting Stern Show staffers

February 26, 2019

Good Morning Everybody!

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Would you be able to rank the Stern Show staff from most interesting to least? That was the question posed to Howard on Tuesday morning by frequent caller Balls.

After contemplating it for a few moments, Howard figured it would be easy for Benjy Bronk detractors to peg him as the least interesting, but he argued the longtime staffer is actually quite fascinating.

Gary Dell’Abate agreed, noting how just yesterday Benjy was running around the office telling everyone he was now a Pilates instructor and was going to soon be teaching fitness classes.

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Even Will Murray, who tends to remain quiet, surprised Howard and Robin this morning with a story from his recent vacation to Barbados. While out on a strenuous hike with his wife, Will suddenly felt nature calling but couldn’t wait to get back to a bathroom before answering. “I dug a little hole in the sand, shit in it, and then jumped in the water and washed my ass out,” he recounted.

Unfortunately, the water held a nasty for surprise for Will and he ended up infected with “sea lice.”

“He actually conducted himself like an animal,” Howard joked.