Gary Dell’Abate and Sal Governale Recall Their Trip to Paris and Notre-Dame Cathedral

“Sal was surprised that it was a church because he thought we were going to a college,” the Stern Show’s executive producer tells Howard

April 16, 2019

One day after a massive fire destroyed much of the famed Notre-Dame cathedral in Paris, Stern Show staffers Gary Dell’Abate and Sal Governale looked back on an overseas trip they took together many years ago along with both of their wives. The European vacation was provided by a former sponsor of the show and included a stopover in France.

“We went to Notre-Dame,” Gary recalled for Howard on Tuesday. “When we got there, Sal was surprised that it was a church because he thought we were going to a college.”

The cathedral’s French Gothic architecture and iconic bell towers attract millions of visitors each year. But as Gary recalled, Sal was less interested in looking at Notre-Dame as he was at looking at a buxom lady walking around the Parisian landmark.

Sal also complained about one of the city’s other famous sights, which he called the “Arc de Noel.”

“It’s just this big arc in the middle of Paris,” Sal described. Robin Quivers informed him that monument marks the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and is actually called the Arc de Triomphe.

Howard couldn’t help but laugh at the thought of Gary going to Europe with a guy who used to relentlessly prank call him and refer to him as a “horse-tooth jackass.”

“Sal and I bonded on that trip. I ended up loving him,” Gary admitted. “I like Sal a lot. He’s a good dude.”

Even Gary’s wife grew to like Sal while on their vacation. “She had big reservations about going on the trip … and he charmed her,” he continued. “She loves Sal.”