VIDEO: Benjy Bronk Stands By His Misleading Dating App Profile Picture

“I always say to guys use your best pictures, girls use your worst,” the Stern Show staffer tells Howard

April 17, 2019

On Tuesday morning’s Stern Show, Howard fielded a call from a listener who claimed staffer Benjy Bronk used a misleading dating app profile photo to trick one of his female friends into going out with him.

Benjy came into the studio and said the allegations were true: He fills his Bumble app profile with pictures of himself where he’s roughly 30 pounds lighter, hoping he’ll still be able to win the woman over after he gets her out on the date. Deception can of course go both ways and the staffer admitted he finds it “irritating” when a woman uses misleading photos to trick him into dating her. But in Benjy’s eyes, there’s one big difference.

“A guy can work his way into a woman’s life,” he told Howard, “So, I always say to guys use your best pictures, girls use your worst because if a guy likes you at your worst he’s probably going to be into you.”

Regardless, Benjy said he includes a disclaimer about the photo discrepancies in his profile which he apparently puts a lot of care into crafting. “I write, really, a good profile that gets a lot of women,” he told Howard. “I say I work as a hula hooper.”