VIDEO: Gary Dell’Abate Relives His Infamous First Pitch 10 Years Later

“I gotta tell ya, he’s all teeth and no arm,” Howard jokes about the Stern Show's executive producer

May 21, 2019

This month marks a moment in Gary Dell’Abate’s life that he only wishes he could forget about – his infamous first pitch at a May 2009 Mets game. After taking the mound at Citi Field, the Stern Show’s executive producer threw it high and away, missing the catcher’s mitt completely and instead striking a nearby umpire.

Watch the video of the throw and the Stern Show staff’s reaction in the days following (above).

“Gary’s pitch was a complete disaster 10 years ago,” Howard recalled on Tuesday morning, reminding his audience he’d warned Gary not to do it in case his throw went astray. Gary didn’t listen, however, instead preparing for the big day by hiring both a sports psychologist and a pitching coach. Evidently their service did him no good.

“All of those people went into hiding,” Robin Quivers said with a laugh.

A decade later, Gary said he’s still embarrassed by what happened that day, though he admitted he does enjoy listening back to some of the sportscasters who poked fun at his pitch, many of whom took the opportunity to call him by his Stern Show nickname, Baba Booey.

“I gotta tell ya, he’s all teeth and no arm,” Howard joked.