Hear Howard’s Impression of His Father Prank Call Internet Radio Host ‘Mother’

An aggravated Ben Stern can’t understand anything the demon-sounding radio host says

June 3, 2019
Photo: Shutterstock

With Father’s Day fast approaching, Howard debuted a new phony phone call on Monday featuring his impression of his own dad, Ben Stern. For decades Howard has been imitating his father’s speaking voice to the delight of Stern Show listeners, but how would the internet radio host known only as “Mother” react to taking a call from Ben?

“I’m telling them my father wants to promote my book. So it was basically book promotion,” Howard explained to Robin prior to playing the new prank call.

As always, “Mother’s” demonic-sounding voice is difficult to understand, forcing co-host Tara to try and decipher what they’re saying over the air. No matter how many times Tara attempted to explain what was going on, though, Howard’s impression of Ben just can’t pick up what the radio hosts are putting down.

Listen to the new phony phone call in the audio (below).