VIDEO: Ronnie the Limo Driver Lashes Out After Not Knowing Where a Box of Donuts Came From

Howard’s head of security questions why Gary Dell’Abate didn’t know where the free food came from either

June 11, 2019

When a box of donuts appeared in the Stern Show back office on Tuesday, there were several staffers who wanted to start chowing down on the complimentary treats. But when executive producer Gary Dell’Abate asked Ronnie Mund, Howard’s head of security, where the donuts came from, he didn’t have an answer for him.

“I had just come out of the bathroom! I didn’t have 10 seconds to find out,” Ronnie yelled once inside the Stern Show studio.

According to him, there was another member of the security team in charge of watching the compound while he was out who could’ve answered Gary question. He also wondered why Gary himself didn’t know the donuts’ origin since he too is supposed to be alerted whenever food gets brought into the Stern Show.

“It’s gotta be cleared by him before it gets put out on the counter. So how come you didn’t fucking know who brought the donuts?” Ronnie asked.

“You yell at everyone. Your first instinct is to bark,” Howard said to his limo driver, advising him to just stay calm and find out answers when someone on the staff asks a question.

JD Harmeyer didn’t really care where the donuts came from on Tuesday. His only complaint was that some of them were “cutten into,” leaving only half of certain flavors available for others.

Howard also had some tape to play of Ronnie yelling his lungs out while singing karaoke with his fiancée Stephanie. The two were out well past midnight singing Bachman–Turner Overdrive’s classic “You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet.” And though he doesn’t regularly take any erectile dysfunction medication, Ronnie decided to insert some jokes about Viagra into the song’s original lyrics.

“I was drunk off my ass,” he admitted on Tuesday. “It just happened to go along with the song.”

Howard couldn’t believe any restaurant would allow him to put on such a performance, but Ronnie explained they were there well past midnight after the place had already shut down.

“There’s no real customers there or anything. It was a bunch of us that hang out there … but the restaurant was empty,” he explained.

Staying out late is pretty common for Ronnie, who is nearing 70 years in age. Just this Saturday he was out at a friend’s birthday party until 2:30 in the morning.

“I’d be exhausted for a week,” Howard said of Ronnie’s partying ways.

Check out audio of Ronnie and Stephanie singing karaoke (below).