Show Rundown: June 17, 2019

Bobo reveals his three regrets in life

June 17, 2019

Good Morning Everybody!

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

After driving up from his home in Florida, Bobo called in live Monday morning … live from a parking lot in Long Island.

The longtime superfan set up camp in his car for the duration of the show to avoid waking up his sleeping family. “My voice projects very loud,” he explained.

When Bobo last called in, he was suffering from lesions on his head which a doctor attributed to an irritation caused by his hair system. As a result, Bobo reported he has gone toupee-free for a few weeks now and in addition to shaving himself completely bald is also tanning the top of his head so it does not attract unwanted attention.

And instead of a question for Howard to kick off the week, Bobo announced he had a comment to share. “I have my life’s regrets. I have three of ’em,” he revealed.

The first, Bobo told Howard, was that he should have learned to swim better after nearly drowning in a surfing accident during his youth.

Next, the career driving instructor said he regrets not spending more time honing his guitar skills. “I used to play in the backyard with my friends and I was getting pretty good,” he reflected.

And finally, the last regret had to do with his infamous hairpiece. “When I was younger, instead of getting a hair system, you know, back in the early ’80s, I should’ve went for a hair transplant,” Bobo admitted. “I would’ve avoided all of these problems. That’s it.”

“I only have one regret,” Howard joked in reply.

“Picking up on Bobo?” Robin asked with a laugh.