Shuli Egar Contemplates a Boxing Match With the Viral ‘Bagel Boss’ Guy

“His arms are kind of big for a small guy and he’s got an insane anger,” Gary Dell’Abate warns his co-worker

July 16, 2019

Chris Morgan — the Long Island man who went viral for losing his cool in a bagel store while ranting about how he felt discriminated against by women for his short stature — has signed a deal with fight promoter Damon Feldman to square off against some opponents inside the ring. And it appears he may not have to look any further than the Stern Show for his first foe.

Damon, who organized bouts like Tan Mom’s fight against MILF Mom, approached Shuli shortly after signing the “Bagel Boss,” Gary Dell’Abate revealed on Tuesday.

“We could make a big deal out of this,” Robin Quivers noted with intrigue.

Shuli, though, was not initially interested in the matchup and wondered why he should brawl with the man considering they have no quarrel. In fact, the “Bagel Boss” even appears to be a Stern Show fan. When he met Shuli in the SiriusXM building, he offered a hearty “Hit ‘em with the Hein!”

Additionally, Shuli said the fee he was offered for the bout wasn’t very impressive. “If I can make the same amount of money standing on stage and telling jokes for 45 minutes, why would I get into a fucking boxing ring?” he questioned.

But Robin had already made up her mind. “I want the fight,” she insisted.

If the boxing match were to happen, Shuli said he was confident he could win based on the “Bagel Boss’s” previous street encounter. “His technique was he threw his face into the other guy’s fist,” he joked.

His co-workers were not so sure, though.

“The guy is angry, dude, and he is built,” Memet Walker argued, adding he was willing to bet $100 on the “Bagel Boss.”

“His arms are kind of big for a small guy and he’s got an insane anger that I don’t think Shuli’s going to be able to get past,” Gary agreed.

Shuli did concede he would have to win the fight in the first round as he is not in top shape and has smoked for many years, but he was confident he could do just that. “I’m never coming back here if I don’t beat him,” he said with a laugh.

Stay tuned to see if the two will square off in the ring and let us know on Twitter who you think would win!