VIDEO: Memet Walker Attends a Peloton Class With Benjy Bronk and Questions His Co-Worker’s Effort

Stern Show staffer says his colleague arrived late and didn’t pedal very fast

August 4, 2019

Benjy Bronk has been talking up his Peloton bike regimen for several weeks now, but on Monday the Stern Show finally got the inside scoop on his workouts after fellow staffer Memet Walker went with him to an exercise class and reported back with his findings.

Benjy’s effort in the Peloton class left something to be desired, according to Memet. He said his co-worker pedaled slowly, didn’t listen to the instructor, and even arrived five minutes late. But Benjy pushed back. “I got an incredible workout,” he told Howard, explaining that he actually wound up burning more calories than Memet overall.

His colleague suspected other factors might have been at play. “He did actually beat me, but it’s like his body barely has to move to burn a tremendous amount of calories,” Memet said. “I was sweating my ass off. I was going like 120 revolutions a second or whatever,” he added.

“I had the resistance up to almost 100!” Benjy countered.