Show Rundown: July 24, 2019

Howard learns about the Dutch “dropping” ritual

July 24, 2019

Good Morning Everybody!

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On the eve of Wednesday’s Stern Show, Howard found himself unable to fall asleep. Hoping to tire his eyes, he picked up a copy of the New York Times, but instead of winding down, Howard became intrigued with a story about a Dutch summer ritual called “dropping.”

“Groups of children, generally pre-teenagers, are deposited in a forest and expected to find their way back to base. It is meant to be challenging, and they often stagger in at 2 or 3 in the morning,” journalist Ellen Barry describes in the report.

In an age where many parents have been accused of so-called “helicopter parenting,” the Dutch tradition is a major departure. The idea is to make children think independently and avoid relying on adults for their every need.

“I’d freak out and I’m not exactly a kid,” Howard remarked with a laugh. And his wife agreed. “[Beth] goes, ‘I wouldn’t even do that with our cat,'” he added.

Robin agreed, telling Howard it sounded like a nightmare for the kids.

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