Show Rundown: July 23, 2019

Gary Dell'Abate messes up a request from Howard's wife

July 23, 2019

Good Morning Everybody!

Gary Dell’Abate may be hanging up a few more signs reminding himself to slow down after Howard revealed an error he made following Monday’s Stern Show.

As listeners will recall, Howard spoke at length about the importance of animal rescue as well as singer Joshua Radin’s emotional new song “Here, Right Now,” written from the perspective of a grateful pet.

After the show, Beth Stern contacted Gary requesting the audio of that section of the show to share with employees of the North Shore Animal League. Howard’s executive producer was happy to quickly oblige, but it seems he may have acted a bit too swiftly, leaving room for error.

“He sends her a link where it’s that rap followed immediately by ‘I’ll Suck Your Ween,'” Howard told Robin Tuesday morning, referencing the popular Stern Show song parody (below).

Assuming Gary was a professional, Beth simply forwarded the audio to the North Shore Animal League where it was played aloud at a company meeting.

Robin was shocked by the flub. “It almost sounds like a joke, like somebody pranking you,” she said.

Gary didn’t have an answer for why he didn’t listen to the clip before ultimately sending it along. “I should’ve listened to it before I sent it,” he conceded. “I’m deeply embarrassed.”

Moreover, it wasn’t too long ago that Gary sent a message wondering if Howard would like to see the movie “The Man Who Killed Hitler and Then The Bigfoot,” a film which he had already spent numerous days speaking about on air.

Actor Michael Rapaport was particularly incensed by the latter screwup and left a voicemail lambasting his longtime fantasy football league foe.

“I have an idea, why don’t you ask Gary to give Howard a copy of ‘Private Parts.’ I don’t think he ever saw it,” he taunts in the message (below).